Update #19 ·

Dreamers shut down DC traffic today.

Just last week my father, Dave Johnson, was taken from our home by ICE and deported days later. We still don’t know why. 

That's why I joined immigrant youth from across the country today in an act of civil disobedience at the White House. We're outraged at the President’s decision to halt the deportation review he ordered from DHS. Our families need relief now, not three more months of waiting on do-nothing House Republicans. By delaying the review, the President has agreed to deport 97,000 people between now and August.

We have no choice but to turn up the heat, and we’re just getting started. 

Stand with us by telling President Obama: Stop Cowering Before Republicans!

It’s fitting that the DACA Renewal form was released today, as DACA is our community’s biggest win yet. We fought for DACA for immigrant youth in 2012 and we continue to fight for similar protections for our families and community! 

DACA works and changes lives. The Obama Administration should build on the program’s successes and expand DACA to include people like my father and others who remain targets for deportation.  We should NOT be asked to wait as families like mine are torn apart.  

Sign the petition and tell President Obama: Stop Cowering Before Republicans!

President Obama must recognize the fierce urgency of NOW and provide relief for our families NOW. 

In Solidarity, 

Oneeka Johnson 
END Team Member 
New Jersey Dream Act Coalition

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