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This is where your tax dollars go, to fund the US Empire that kills people world wide, while bombing, invading, occupying, and stealing from all nations, and the rich war profiteers that control the politicians will continue to kill for money and power, until we the people take the power back, Peace.

War Profiteers are the worst kind of evil, and the number one War Profiteering Corporation...
Lockheed Martin (LMT)

"In FY 2013, top awardee
Lockheed Martin received $37.16 billion in contracts (prime contracts) or 12.0% of total contract funds awarded by the DoD.
Runner-up is Boeing with $19.49 billion (6.3%)
followed by Raytheon in third place with $13.18 billion (4.3%).
Northrop Grumman has received $12.66 billion (4.1%) followed by General Dynamics,
United Technologies,
L-3 Communications,
BAE Systems,
SAIC, and Humana.
BAE Systems, #8 on the list, was the largest foreign DoD defense contractor in FY 2013."

40% of Every Dollar that Congress Controls
Goes to Defense Contractors

Alexandra Bruce
"At the time this film was made (7 years ago), 40% of every dollar that Congress controlled went to private defense contracting firms, according to NSA whistleblower, Thomas Drake.
The completely disgraceful, toady MSM posts alleged US Defense Budgets all over the place, all the time, that don't include the Black Budget. People must stop watching the treasonous zombie media, so that their advertising money dries up and they just go away!"

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We must demand that our politicians that work for us, stop wasting over a Trillion Dollars a year, of our tax dollars, on the military defense budget.
There is no need to continue to build more weapons and vehicles to deliver those weapons, when the US has overstayed it's welcome in occupying over 138 nations with over 800 military bases.
The days of empire are over.
The USA Inc. Is bankrupt.
The game is over.

And don't even begin to say "We need to build these copters to provide jobs".

Find another job, the mass-murdering, baby-killing enterprise is going out of business.


Why We Fight

War is Business

Corpwatch War Profiteers


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