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Go'n to Yellowstone...But first, a word of thanks!

Hi Friends: It’s time for us to be in Yellowstone Park! But before we go, we’d like to pause momentarily to thank all of you for your interest and support for what we are trying to achieve – full protection for our national park wolves.In the months ahead, we look forward to your help in gathering thousands more signatures on petitions to protect Yellowstone wolves. Pro-wolf folks collectively have got to muster a cool million (or more) signatures to have a big media and political effect. This is doable, especially if animal advocacy and conservation organizations were to get involved in a determined way.

We also look forward to convincing the National Park Service to identify priority areas beyond park boundaries that should immediately be off-limits to trophy hunting and trapping of wolves. And to convincing the U.S. Forest Service that it is clearly in the public interest to protect wolves on our national forests surrounding Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

A few of you, and we, have been in touch with some members of Congress about the need to protect Yellowstone’s wolves. We hope our efforts will bear fruit very soon.

This Campaign is led by a “mom and pop” couple who just happen to be career wildlife biologists. It’s strictly action and goal oriented. As it should be, it’s our campaign, it’s your campaign, it’s everyone’s campaign who believes that America needs to fully safeguard its park wolves and national park ideals.

So please continue “being here” and “there” for Yellowstone’s wolves, and encourage your family, friends, and favorite organizations to do likewise.

Hope to see you in the Park!

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