Garth Murphy
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The Sea of Cortez is a unique marine ecosystem that includes species from both the cool Japan current that runs down California and Baja and the Equatorial current that brings tropical species north to mingle. This meeting point is also the northern limit of coral reef habitat, the most noteworthy at Cabo Pulmo in the southern tip of Baja California. More species in one place means more to eat for everyone and healthy resilient breeding stock. You could call Baja the nursery of the western pacific, as well as the aquarium of the ocean world. The health of the entire ocean depends on the health of coastal habitats that are home to the majority of marine species, marine biomass and most of the seafood we like to eat. They are also the easiest ecosystems to exploit, pollute and degrade, because of proximity to human populations, fishing fleets and toxic run-off and sewer treatment outlets. The Sea of Cortez is one of the few isolated coastal regions of the world and can be saved, if we act promptly and intelligently. Support all efforts to stop pollution and control destructive fishing practices: netting or seining of all types are by design particularly destructive to marine ecosystems, as they selectively remove the oldest, largest, most fit, fecund and genetically superior individuals of all target species (and all species caught as by-catch), leaving the young, small, weak, slow growing, inferior individuals with the impossible task of maintaining species numbers, resilience, fitness and abundance at maximum sustainable biomass. These losses of the fittest individuals in an interactive web of species cascade through the marine ecosystem, forcing system alterations, collapse and extinctions, NOT A GOOD THING FOR US OR MARINE LIFE.
Please support marine life conservation worldwide; the Sea of Cortez is a good place to take a stand and participate. The rewards will be life giving.

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