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Because of .. As I say, "my kids" and the people who take their time to stop and help animals, I refer to them as "Angels"...These are the reasons I must get involved. Animals have no voice, so let's give them one! Take a few minutes and instead of checking Facebook sign a petition or just read a story to see what's happening to these animals on a daily basis.
My Eddie was found chained to a dumpster, covered in dirt, cut up and bleeding. He was clearly abused and scared of almost everything.. If it wasn't for that one person who stopped and took time to help rescue Eddie, foster him and wait for luckily myself to adopt him, I can't imagine what could have been his life, if any...Our Lucy, my other baby, was being sold on the streets with her siblings either to be trained as fighting dogs or to be used as bait. If it wasn't for that woman who went and bought all of the puppies some maniac was selling, Lucy and her siblings could be in a very bad place about now. These are just two stories of animals that were abused and as crazy as this sounds, these stories aren't even bad compared to what's happening to other animals right now! Be that Angel and help save them. We all know animals will love us no matter what, so let's give them something back!

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