Update #3 ·


Thanks to a community coming together the last few days, we were able to get the funds donated to Rodney so he could pick up Jasper today! Thank you to Forgotten Friends Pet Rescue Inc. in Sharon Springs NY for assisting us in helping Rodney bring Jasper home. If anyone is interested in helping us to thank Forgotten Friends Pet Rescue for all they did to find the donation to help please make a donation to them through Paypal @ [email protected] or mail checks to Forgotten Friends Pet Rescue and Sanctuary Inc. -6930 State Route 10, Sharon Springs, New York 13459. All donations are tax deductible to this 501(c). Your donations could save a life or help the next person that needs help like Jasper did. We thank them so much for their compassion and assistance in making this reunion possible. While the fight is not over and we still want signatures to present to the council to enact change in  these laws that keep people who love their pets from getting them back, we are at ease today that Jasper is home in his own home!!! Keep sharing and keep signing to have our voices heard.


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