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My plea to the public

My plea to the public Google search your State Cities and County see if pas theory ads are in your area And if they are please contact your public officials and warn them 

Send the legal before you and demand investigations 

Let's stop the normalization of pedophilia and crimes against children 

the forced visitation, the threat therapy, and the forced holding

Let's end the abusive theory parental alienation before it destroy's this country

I hereby petition for public address on the mis-use of the pro-pedophile theory parental alienation and it's effort's to decriminalize child abuse and continued efforts to normalize pedophilia 

Thank you to all and as always standbythechildren they are this country's future 

I hereby dedicate this petition for public address to the many families who lost loved ones do to discredited parental alienation theory our heart's and prayer's go out to all those affected by this

May this help raise awareness to the serious injustice occurring in family court's across this globe   https://www.causes.com/campaigns/74182-request-a-public-address-on-the-use-of-the-discredited-pas/admin/basics

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