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Triple F Farm Video

I was told that this video is offensive to animal lovers.I am sorry if it upsets some people but what I find offensive is that this is happening to these sweet and innocent little creatures, right here in the USA in a state called Pennsylvania where there is no protection for them. There is virtually no laws against what is happening here, we need people to stand up and fight for these babies and we need people to write to congress and get the laws changed. We need laws against this sort of cruelty. Yet are are none. WHY? Because people don't want to see the truth that is happening in their own backyards. I am promoting this video because I am standing up for what I believe in. No such treatment for any animal.These creatures were put here for us to care for and protect. Not abuse and neglect and to exploit. I believe in love and respect for animals. And I watch this video at least once a week to keep me focused of what I am fighting for.

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