Trudy Carle
Trudy Carle campaign leader

When you look into the eyes of your Furbabes...Do you wish you could read their minds? Or can you already anticipate their wishes? That Link you have with your animal(s) gives you Empathy to want to be there & help & provide. Well I can tell you first hand what it's like to be out & about and come across a dog locked in a hot car--and feel helpless! So I educated myself on my state laws regarding this type of animal cruelty, looked into ways to help & what to do, and for the past 3 years I am prepared for these types of situations. Everytime is different, people are different...that's why I stress following the law, having info on hand-and if you have a smartphone that has video, record the car & license plate, follow the links in this campaign to know what to do. And for those with cells there is an awesome app called ALDF Safety at the push of a button which can immediately call police if things get hairy! Protect yourself & Rescue the animal is a vital thing!

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