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"Saving Private Ryan" Borinqueneer Interview with Jorge Ramos' "Al Punto"

Greetings Borinqueneers CGM Alliance Members and

Please watch the following video interview with Borinqueneers Victor Colon and Edwin Avilez in the English-speaking show “America with Jorge Ramos”:


Also, TOMORROW at 10AM (Eastern), TUNE IN to Univision’s “Al Punto” show with Jorge Ramos and watch the "Saving Private Ryan" Borinqueneer, Mr. Raul Reyes Castañeira, speak on his experiences with the 65th Infantry and the Korean War.

RAUL REYES CASTANEIRA is the INSPIRATIONAL SPIRIT that ignited the Congressional Gold Medal initiative.

Raul is the younger of four brothers who fought with the 65th Infantry in the Korean War.

This is well circulated show among Hispanic medial television and Jorge Ramos is dubbed the Latino “Walter Cronkite”.

We are still waiting for President Obama's signature of the 65th Infantry CGM legislation.

Thank you for all of your support so far.

In Solidarity,

Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance

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