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Ṕї$$☤ηℊ øη †♄ℯ ℙ℮o℘lε Will Not Be Tolerated Any Longer‼ They’re Money-Hungry-Sick-&-disgusting people IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD and our foods and they are mostly conservative, republican, religious or just stupid. But they can’t be stupid because stupid people are not Evil on purpose! Stop voting conservatively, republicanLY, religiously and stupidly!! WHEN WILL THOSE IDIOTS GROW UP – Oh ya they won’t so we’ve all got to take a stand, make a noise, come together, and make this change Happen Now!!! Sign This Petition if you know what’s good for you; or more like, what’s not  formulation of 2,4-D herbicide that will be used Dow's Agent Orange crops is Not what’s good for anyone. The deadline was yesterday now, so still Tell the EPA and government people of bull and crappin’ on us (from private sectors all over the world), what they need to hear and don’t stop, just let’s stop the constant government approval of more and More toxics and poisons for the people and animals to eat whether we strongly disapprove or not.

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