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Pissing on the We The People, Will Not Be Tolerated Any Longer‼ There are Money-Hungry-Sick-&-disgusting people IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD; our world, our rights, our lands, our air, our foods, our drugs, or time, and our money. They are mostly conservative, republican, religious or just evil or stupid. But they can’t be stupid because stupid people are not Evil on purpose! Stop voting conservatively, republicanly, religiously or lovingly what ever your family tells you because it's stupidly!! It's time to make some noise, follow the fighters for real democracy, come together and make only good change Happen Now!!! The changes happening now are not good changes and must be replaced with good changes but the millionaires and oligarchies are in the way. SIGN PETITIONS AGAINST DISGUSTING THINGS, AND MAKE PETITIONS WHENEVER TIME ALLOWS YOU, just let’s stop the constant government approval of more and More DISGUSTING THINGS HAPPENING.

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