I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who signed! 

You have achieved much from the draining began in the first week of March at Portavoe Reservoir.

This right in the middle of the breeding and nesting season! 
Maybe now our DRD Ministers and NI Water will listen?

Danny Kennedy you refused to meet with our newly formed group "The Friends Of Portavoe Association"?
This group was formed to give the wildlife at Portavoe Reservoir a voice.
A voice YOU have chosen to ignore to date!
These people are taxpayers who employ you and all Government Departments to do the correct thing?
What has been done to OUR wildlife is far from correct!

The draining at this reservoir and the many others that are still require "essential maintenance maintenance works"  TO BE SOLD OFF!
Our Government Departments including NI Water MUST learn from the mistakes made at Portavoe. 
A cofferdam could and SHOULD be used in future.
The cost to the wildlife is just TOO MUCH! 
1000's of swan mussels have died, 100's of fish & eels, Cormorants, Mallards, Drakes, newly born ducklings,1000's of entire ecosystems, the list is endless. 
This is now in the hands of the EU wildlife Commission and has been reported as a wildlife crime.  

We must take the time to thank Peter Lynch and his team from DCAL who went above and beyond their duty to rescue as many fish and eels as was humanly possible.
Even down to one turtle now safely in a freshwater tank in a FOPA members home.
My Heartfelt thanks to them for proving to me personally that they truly care about OUR wildlife!
In simple terms they showed us acts of human kindness. 

Yet the same sadly can not be said of our Government Departments including NI Water.
They keep using the term "Lowering"?   
They are not lowering these Reservoirs they are totally emptying them!

Our Friends of Portavoe Association will be watching and monitoring the work being carried out at ALL the other Reservoirs that are listed as assets to be sold off.  We will be happy to advise any concerned members of the public should they too believe any wildlife crimes are being committed?  

To OUR newly elected Council we implore you, as you get first offer on purchasing Portave to do just that!
NI Water were given Portavoe many years ago so a token amount as a gesture of goodwill on NI Waters behalf would be much appreciated.

DCAL can secure a lease for Portavoe to maintain it as a fishery/ leisure area .
Portavoe must never be sold off to a private buyer.
It must remain open for future generations to enjoy. 

"The Friends Of Portavoe Association"
As an Association we can get funding for Portavoe's future and this is our aim. We love this wonderful place and will help in any way possible to secure its future.  
      Kind Regards and heartfelt thanks,

                    Trish Graham-Elliott.

(Secretary of the Friends Of Portavoe Association)


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