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Save a Girl in China for Children's Day!

This June 1 is Children's Day in China:

Women's Rights Without Frontiers is an international coalition that opposes injustices against girls in China and is an official action partner in our campaign against gendercide.    

Here are photos of babies Bao-yo and Hui-ying (names have been changed to protect their identities). When their mother learned she was pregnant, she was thrilled! Soon, however, her in-laws began pressuring her to have a boy, so she went to a local hospital to have an ultrasound performed to determine the sex of the child. If it was a boy, she would have the baby. If it was a girl, she would abort. What would have been double her happiness turned to twice as much despair: she was pregnant with not one, but two girls. When her husband's family found out the news, they were furious with their daughter-in-law. She didn't know what to do.   

But one of Women's Rights Without Frontiers' undercover fieldworkers came to the rescue, finding this scared woman and telling her about the "Save a Girl" program. The pregnant mother and her husband could not believe an international organization would care about daughters. The fieldworker showed them pictures and told them stories of other families they have helped, other families who chose to join with us in believing that girls matter just as much as boys. The couple was convinced and overjoyed. Through the aid of one year of WRWF monthly stipends, they chose to keep their baby girls and soon precious twins were born. Now, the mother-in-law who had been so furious has changed her attitude. She enjoys the two new angels in her life and appreciates the help given to her. WRWF is saving lives and changing the culture one family at a time!

This Children's Day, will you become a GirlSaver?Any donation is welcome, including a one-time donation. But would you consider becoming a monthly donor, a "GirlSaver"? For only $25 per month or $300 per year, GirlSavers have helped WRWF save at-risk babies in China, babies like Bao-yo and Hui-ying, who might not be alive if one of the undercover fieldworkers had not met their mother and assured her that little girls are just as special as boys. Because of your generosity, they can continue to save girls in China.

The "Save a Girl" campaign is an official Action Partner of It's a Girl. Learn more at Causes.com.


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