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They Marched to #EndMonsanto

They marched in Hamburg, Germany. They chanted in Sydney, Australia. They carried banners and waved signs in London and Los Angeles, and in Lancaster, Penn. and Cape Town, South Africa. 

On Saturday, May 24, hundreds of thousands of people, in about 420 cities and 50 nations around the world, marched once again to protest Monsanto and its monopoly of the global seed supply, its relentless and widespread distribution of its highly toxic Roundup poison, and its bottomless-pit spending to keep consumers in the dark.

OCA supplied nearly 800 packets of organizing materials to marchers. The materials included leaflets, banners and seed bombs (used to highlight Monsanto’s destruction of bees and butterflies).

One unidentified group of marchers carried a banner that said: “We march against Monsanto. Ask us why.”

So many reasons. So little time.

March Against Monsanto Events Draw Huge Crowds in Over 50 Countries

Worldwide March Against Monsanto

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