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I don't know if any of your friends have Agent Orange but down in Florida I have met a few biker friends who were there and we ride together now and than ,unfortunately a few of them no longer ride due to the disease . It's also sad to see a progression grow worse of any kind on a friend ,or a family member , I am sure that as we grow older we have seen so many friends lives taken from something we can't have a cure for ,and than again I wonder with all of our technology in the last 100 years And that isn't that far back considering we are from the 40's and 50's . Yes I'm sorry to remind a few of us we have been around for so long that a lot of things we take for granted were not here when we were in high school . My right knee is totally replaced . My left eye is resting on a artificial platform otherwise I would be wearing an artificial eye . I have rods supporting my cervical spine , but these guys were unfortunate to get a thing we didn't know could happen to them .
Now big business wants to use the chemical on crops !!! Call your Grandchildren and tell them not to worry because us older people are not gonna let it happen . It would be terrible to find out a loved one was dying from a chemical used on crop farmers properties right here in the GOOD OLD ? U S A , I signed the petition I hope you will too . Thanks again , Andy

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