Sonja VanHalteren
Sonja VanHalteren campaign leader

Divine Love is self-transcendence, the drive to BE MORE. Becoming one with the flow of love, the River of Life itself.

In contrast, human love is possessive. It is focused on an object of love and wants to keep that object. In order to accomplish this, human love seeks to control, which can happen only by stopping self-transcendence and thus stepping outside the river of Life. Human love expects, even demands, to be received and it demands something in return. It will only express itself when certain conditions are met, which proves that it is not sufficient unto itself. Anything that is not self-sufficient is not Divine but springs from the consciousness of separation and lack.

Divine Love needs no object but is expressed to all life, as the sun shines upon all. It does not need to own any particular object and is constantly flowing, expressing itself with no conditions and regardless of any conditions. It is content to express itself and demands or expects nothing in return, not even to be received. It receives its joy from flowing and being what it is.

Everything is created from an interaction of the expanding and the contracting forces. However, for there to be a sustainable creation, there must be balance between the two. The energy from your I AM Presence first descends into the Secret Chamber of your heart, which is behind the heart chakra. It comes down as the pure light that is represented as the color white. It then splits into three plumes of spiritual fire, called the threefold flame, blue, yellow and pink. Divine LOVE transcends all heals ALL.

Thank you all for your DIVINE LOVE and support for Mother Earth and all life.

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