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I'm writing this on behalf of my mam and her beautiful Labrador puppy poppy..
My mam bought a puppy from a kennel called ivy leaf kennels from a man named Kevin Knox, on Saturday night poppy would not settle, she became restless and cried most of the night, on the sunday she was lethargic and tired we had put it down to her being tired from the night before on Monday she woke and had really bad diarrhoea with blood in it, so we rang the kennels to inform Kevin that poppy was poorly and he should get the others checked he then said all of the litter of Labrador pups became poorly on Saturday, (even tho he never informed my mam on this)
and he also said to bring her back for a refund, my mam got suspicious of this incase he disposed of her and didn't help her we took poppy straight to the vets they kept her in over night and put her on fluids and antibiotics, after a two day fight she sadly passed away Wednesday 28th of May at 6am.. From what has now been confirmed by a postmortem parvovirus, we then rang Kevin back to inform him that poppy had passed away and he said if we had brought her back when he said she wouldn't have died, and that the rest of he litter where all fine or fighting back.. He seemed very cold and callous when we rang.. This morning my mam also received Poppy's pedigree papers in the post which showed she was born on the 4th April 2014, and she was Infact only 7 weeks old when we picked her up, not 8weeks, understandably my mam is distraught over the loss of her companion, I want to do as much as i possibly can to get some coverage on this and this awful man and his puppy farm. I also now know this is not the first incident that has happened either, and he has also got 3 other litter of puppies he is continuing to sell from the kennel even tho there is a parvo outbreak there. I would appreciate any help to try and get coverage or if there is any advice that you could give, I totally understand that I should of went more into detail with this kennel and seen what he was about but after being on his website and seeing the testimonials I honestly thought he was a decent breeder and only had the best interests of the pups at heart and when we went to view the pups my mam instantly fell in love with her, the only thing that come out of this is that poppy had a few happy days with a loving family that adored her, rather than being stuck in a pen and left to die
We have also come to find out that he has relisted the other puppies back on his website

Rest in peace poppy hopefully we can get you justice


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