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Now, this is an older story, so some of you may have already heard it, but I do think that it shows why wolves should be protected, so please, read to understand.

For many years, the Druid Peak Pack of Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park, Montana, USA. roamed the valley in high numbers. At one point, they were the largest wolf pack ever recorded in history. They reached 31 wolves. The average number of wolves in a pack is anywhere from 5 - 15. With such a large pack, it was getting hard to hunt enough food, not to mention their Lamar Valley territory was growing to be too small. The Alphas did exile a few wolves to make the pack more livable. But that would mean still about 25 wolves. Hunters made sure that level fell, fast. In 2010, it was official, that after the pack was split up, the last remaining Druid was shot. The largest wolf pack in history was now gone. This could happen to any pack, any time. It's horrible! Support this campaign to stop the senseless killing.

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