Update #2 ·

Hearing Has Been Moved AGAIN. An all too familiar "wear them down" tacktic

New Date:  July 10, 2014 @ 7PM, City Hall's Council Chambers.

The applicant has requested additional time to assess & respond to the comments & concerns raised during the community meeting.

The Following are Some of the Concerns Raised:

Surface Parking Lots surrounding Penn Station, Burden the Tax Payer (by not paying their fair share of Taxes);  Burden the Police Department (by removing the “eyes-on-the-street”, hence attracting all levels of Crime: from Petty to Life Threatening);  Burden our Storm Water System (by Exacerbating the rain-water-run-off in this Flood Prone Area );  Burden our Residents (Who are falling Prey to Criminals, in Increasing Numbers); Surface Parking Lots are Eradicating the Desirability of Our Neighborhood.

Though the applicant's consultants (attorney, planner & architect) little compassion for the community's concerns, WE remain steadfast in preventing Building Poachers from Continuing to Destroy this Urban Community.

Please join us on 7/10/14 @ 7PM, City Hall's Council Chambers.

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