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"One World Declaration of Peace" service opportunity!

To all signers of the “One World Declaration of Peace” petition!

The next United People for Peace (UPP!) “One World Declaration of Peace” announcement celebration event is planned for June 6, 2014 at Alliance College-Ready Academy High School #5 (ACRAHS #5) in central Los Angeles, CA, USA. As of today, May 27, 2014, we have yet to raise yet a single dollar to pay for this show.

If we don’t raise the money, the show will be cancelled and we will be unable to make our next BIG announcement: Our "One World Declaration of Peace" document has surpassed the 3,000 signature mark! This important declaration, which was created with 469 original signatures by the students of ACRAHS #5 in November 2012, has gathered an additional 3,326 signatures online as of right now.

So, we are asking everyone who signed the “One World Declaration of Peace” to donate just $1 - $5 to support this event at this time. By donating this small amount, together we can propel this student-developed peace proposition out to the entire world.

We have a media team of volunteer professionals and students working on this project via all social media networks, including Twitter. Here’s just a small snippet from the team’s latest press release:

On the last day of school this year, Friday, June 6, 2014 - central LA’s ACRAHS #5 hosts the 7th Semi-Annual UPP! YEPP! Hip Hop Talent Show! This end-of-term student talent show bash is being headlined by international R&B songstress Aishah singing the hit song Free Energy along with Venice Beach's incredible conscious hip hop artists the Luminaries. Co-sponsored by Hip Hop School of the Arts (HHSA), the show is headed by student director Terrisha Watts (who is heading to UC Davis as a pre-med student in the fall) and hosted by the charismatic Jarrod Taylor, who returns with world famous Dance Masters beatbox artist (and LA champion) EVMB The Beatbox. Also getting into the act is the famed L.A. Breakers dance troupe as well as up-and-coming recording duo Kiyoshi & Krista Richards.

Again, Just look at what we have done in the past… UPP! YEPP! HHSA Talent Show #5 at ACRAHS #5

To support the kids of ACRAHS #5, YEPP! and UPP!, please donate to pay for this show at www.upp2020.org! Please also use hashtag #UPP2020 on Twitter & Facebook, and join the UPP! YEPP! Talent Show #7 Facebook Event Page through the YEPP! FB group.

So, please donate $1 - $5 at www.upp2020.org!

Thank you!


Seth D. King

Founder YEPP!

Co-Founder UPP!


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