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BREAKING NEWS!!! Borinqueneers CGM Bill Going to Pres. Obama For Signature, Senate Approves CGM Bill

Greetings Borinqueneers CGM Alliance Members and


I have been informed that the Borinqueneers CGM Senate Bill S. 1174 HAS BEEN APPROVED!!!

The Borinqueneers CGM Bill will go to President Obama for his signature!!!

Please see below press release.


First and foremost, we could not have achieved this historical feat without the Great Lord’s sacred providence. (Romans 8:28)

Thank you Papa Dios!!!

Second, we could not have achieved this great feat with your tireless efforts!!!

I want to thank all of Borinqueneers CGM Alliance volunteers, supporters, partner organizations, lateral organizations and supporters, veterans service organizations who contributed in making this become a historic reality.

The Borinqueneer veterans, the 65th Infantry Regiment, Puerto Rico, Latino Veterans everywhere are eternally grateful to you.

As the weeks pass, we will do our best to keep you abreast and informed on the latest and relevant developments on our road to the White House!!!

As we take time to observe Memorial Day this weekend, let’s reflect on this magnificent achievement as pride, sacrifice, redemption, vindication and justice for our Borinqueneer veterans, Latino veterans and all of our fallen veterans.

May they rest in peace. 

Time is of the Essence,

Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance

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