Update #1 ·

Let.s celebrate !! We met our 3,500 signature goal!

Dear supporters!

Let me first thank you for your valuable support!!!

When this cause was first started, I couldn.t imagine it would grow so quickly!! 

With your support:

1.  Thousands of engaged puertorricans have raised their voices and been able to, in no uncertain terms, express directly to the Governor their position to OPPOSE DEMOLITION of our cultural heritage.

2. Thousands of engaged supporters have helped educate for the appreciation of our architectural treasures and preservation of our urban monuments. 

3. Thousands have united into one voice. The voice of reason and integration. The voice of transformation of negative symbols into opportunities to prosper and change.

4. Our unified voices have brought the issue into the media into an intense debate that has inspired others into action. The government may want to rush this demolition but we say: not so fast!

With these goals achieved, we certainly have CAUSE for celebrating!!

What is next:

1. We must raise the bar again!! Continue your dedicated sponsorship and support! Share, speak up! Sign up!

2. Our united voices are reaching audiences well beyond Puerto Rico. The world has become aware the Puertorrican Government is, in the XXIst century, erasing valuable pieces of our historical heritage. 

The Government has expressed they will go ahead, regardless of the opposition of a group if architects and we say : this is no longer a group of architects!

This is a group of citizens from all walks of life!

This is an open message that we will not watch in silence this destruction and will stand up to support what we believe in.

Preservation is an act of appreciation and human dignity. This building is not a ruin. Its part of the National Register of Historic Places!

We need your continued support to bring this Cause to the next level! 

So, lets celebrate in appreciation! And continue spread the voice. This is our message:


We are community speaking. We are Puerto Rico.


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