VICTORY! $10,000 Goal Met! Thank You!

Less than a year ago, I started up this fundraiser with the goal of raising enough money to build classrooms on newly acquired land in Uganda for the Kasese Humanist Primary School.

The original goal was an ambitious $35,000, but donations began to pour in directly through Atheist Alliance International's donation page as well! 

I would like to thank bloggers like Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist and Veronica over at Canadian Atheist; musical contribution by Australian singer Shelley Segal; moral support by Noam Chomsky; radio support by the folks at Ask An Atheist; parallel funding by KidsHeartKids; parallel support by Swinburne University; recent parallel funding by Humanist Canada; a recent donation by the Rationalist Society of Australia (which put us over our goal!); Atheist Alliance International for tirelessly wiring the funds to Uganda (all funds I collect go to AAI); Pathfinders Project; all organizations I've no doubt forgotten, and of course our 117 private donors! THANK YOU!

The new campus is now more than half complete and some buildings are already in use and serving the community. 

As you can see, we're well on our way to making this new school a reality. Our original goal was $35,000, but this got adjusted down to $26,000 because of funding from the above external sources. However, there was another motivation as well.

This fundraiser also has to be shut down May 23rd because is switching its payment system on that day and all fundraisers in my class will be affected. When I learned this, I was at just over $9000 and so decided to shoot for $10,000 and our donors came through!

This means there is likely more fundraising left to do in the future. It depends on how much parallel funding comes in from other sources: Atheist Alliance International (which is where this fundraiser feeds into) and Humanist Canada. I will continue directing anyone within earshot to these excellent organizations.

Remember, I regularly update about progress over at my blog:

Although this fundraiser was a resounding success - THANK YOU! - there is still work to do to help spread a rational, science-based approach to education free from dogmas. By building this school in Uganda, we can plant seeds of freethought for future generations.

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