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Harriet met with her Rep. Here's how it went:

Last month, a member of this community, Harriet Heywood, had a call meeting to discuss the TPP and Fast Track legislation with her Rep., Ric hard Nugent, Florida District 11. 

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Here's Harriet's report-back on her meeting with Rep. Rich Nugent:


"I decided to first break the issue down into 3 major parts: The Constitution, Jobs, and Sovereignty

I asked him first if members of Congress and the President are sworn to defend the Constitution, and he said "yes." I then discussed how Fast Track circumvents the separation of powers mandated in Article 1.8 of the Constitution, allowing the President to then make treaties with foreign nations, and choose trading partners without congressional input. If Fast Track passes, it stipulates the trade bills are not to be amended, are allowed only 20 hours floor debate, have a strict up or down vote, no possibility to amend, and a simple majority, instead of the Constitutionally mandated 2/3 with 'advise and consent.' 

The second issue I discussed was jobs. NAFTA, the Korean Free Trade Agreement, and other free trade agreements have caused major trade deficits, which in turn has led to millions of lost jobs, lost revenues, and in turn budget deficits. Representative Nugent also agreed on this point. 

Lastly, the sovereignty issue is undeniable. We know that once a country signs a treaty, that treaty takes precedence over our national laws. I brought up SOPA and NSA spying, which he opposes. They are in TPP. I said that fast track would allow those bills to slide through with no debate.  

At the end of the conversation, he committed to voting NO on any kind of fast track bill because it is his job to review bills and amend them if need be, and he is a big supporter of the Constitution." 


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