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My parents relationship was strained, it was filled with verbal abuse and one thing that was missing in it was love . There was a time when they loved each other, but eventually the love, the passion was long lost. I always asked them why they were married, but i never got a satisfying answer. When my dad used to come home late after work, i always wished he was dead, i learned to hate my dad, and maybe my existence. I used to hate going home, i used to try and stay at my grandparents as much as possible. Once i don't know what happened but there was this big fight outside my house, physically a big fight and that was the day my dad had come back from a tour, he had got me and my mom lots of gifts and i thought everything was alright, but BAAm!
Sometimes the swearing and verbal fights got physical and it used to creep me out, i used to hide in my room and used to wish, that my mom had killed my dad. Finally my mom divorced him after twelve years of marriage. It's been seven years and i don't hate him anymore, I am over it. Apart from the mental trauma, it had a very bad impact on my attitude throughout my childhood years. Though now i am over it and a very happy person, who loves life, but i don't believe in love or marriages any longer, i don't trust men and i hate the idea of trusting and loving a man.
Its always better to get out of a strained relationship as early as possible. My parents probably put up with each other for me, but did it help me? No! I am happier staying with my mom!

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