Jenn Brewer
Jenn Brewer 1 pledge

Because I'm a survivor of domestic violence . 2 years ago my boyfriend of 8 years was drunk ( drinking and domestic violence are two separate issues . punch my 2 front teeth back to almost the roof of mouth . I had oral surgery and root canals . oral surgery took my teeth pushed them to proper position and braced my mouth up for 1 month . he never once shed a tear except for how much he was spending on attorneys . he never ever amended his behavior to me . I was the one that felt sorry for him and began to believe it was my fault . he now has had me evicted , took my car left me stranded , with no where to go . I live in a shelter for abused women now , and still has control over me . yes I am well aware of my wrongs today . however it's mind blowing and people need help .I was scared and it made me feel crazy . I'm so grateful there is help out there for people like me . to bad the abuser doesn't see he's wrong .


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