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My Dad has this issue.
He is a 40% service connected VA rated Combat Veteran (2005-2006) of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
He has been working for KR (stock symbol) co. for Over 28 yrs.He has been back to work over 6 years since returning home. He has been demoted 2 times due to his injuries, He is not able to do the job he did before he went to Iraq. He was recently transferred to a new location because his new supervisor (of 3 months time) had a problem with my Dad confronting him on referring to my Dad as a PATHETIC CRIPPLE and being LAZY! My Dad has been at the previous location since 2008 with 2 different supervisor's and 3 different store manager's with NO PROBLEMS. My Dad is at the new location less than 3 weeks and my Dad is terminated for being a VERBAL/ Physical Threat to Customer's,Management staff & Fellow employee's! My Dad talked about a video game called Assassins's Creed," the ONLY weapons used are BLADE family and he gets in an out after killing the target with out getting caught." My Dad also was overheard asking someone "I like to go to the shooting range after a bad day at work (in the winter), would you like to join me?" I am asking for some help in Who to contact They are treating My Dad like He is going to SNAP from his PERCEIVED PTSD!!!
Do you have any ideas?
[email protected]

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These brave and honorable patriots deserve their "Welcome Home" and "Thank You" parade and more... This campaign is at its infancy.  There is no real organized effort yet.  I'm trying to get some organizers started.    The war in Iraq started for America in March 2003 and our troops pulled out in December 2011. The Afghanistan War started in October 2001 and our troops will be gone by December…

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