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A Fatwa (Islamic Ruling) was passed some years ago stating that "One does not have to hand cut the chickens, one can also slaughter the chickens by Machine (In this method, the 'Bismillah/Takbeer' is said only once, in the beginning) for them to be Halal" This gave the distributors an opportunity to make huge profit. By slaughtering the chicken by machine, the distributors today save both time and money as machine slaughter chicken yields faster and it costs less money if one uses this method. However, it is widely believed by the Muslims all around the world, that machine slaughtered chickens that are slaughtered without Bismillah/Takbeer are generally not halal. Moreover, one cannot use a tool (machine in this case) to slaughter a controllable animal, such as a Chicken. Tools can only be used to hunt animals which are not under the control. To slaughter a controllable animal, a believer has to say Allah's name and sever atleast 3 out of 4 vessels of the animal with his own power and not any tool for it to be Halal. The aim of this campaign is to inform the Muslims all around the world of the chicken that they are eating and to stop the meat distributors from slaughtering the chicken with Machine. Please support us in this cause. JazakAllah

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