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These precious young men are my babies. The first two from left to right are my sons. The one on the end is my nephew. Two are on active duty right now overseas in a place I cannot disclose for obvious reasons. They would do anything and go anywhere to stand up for the lives of their countryman! They didn't do it because the benefits, because none have used them. They leave us (Their families) , and miss us because they have tradition values that their father and I have instilled in them about our forefathers. My sons are the first in our family to serve our country and we are so proud. And anyone dare to justify to me why their future care should be put off for someone's bonus, or why men who claim to serve this country who wouldn't even lay down their life for it to live a better life than the beautiful moral souls I helped to create! Should they not be honored more than the corrupt, grubby, money mongrels that call themselves fellow countrymen? I demand justice and recognition for their sacrifice, and all the fellow veterans before them! I have nightmares that they don't get proper burials! It's sickens me the attitude of this government and president. I never thought a day would come that I would ever dishonor any president of this country with my lips. I have always respected the office no matter what disagreements I may have. But things have sunk to an all time low within this current administration. I am disgusted beyond believe! And president Obama... Get up off you a** and get that Marine out of that Mexican prison! You dishonor yourself! As a Christian woman... I could curse and spit!


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Please SHARE this on and off the internet. Pentagon Proposes Plan to Close Military Commissaries And PXs. Story at: Please Call and keep Calling your members of Congress and tell them to stop this disgraceful move against American troops, military retirees and disabled…

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Please SHARE this with as many concerned Americans as you can... Pledge to Cut Congressional Benefits Before Cutting Veterans Benefits Besides keeping our freedoms, Americans must protect the rights and benefits of OUR Military and Veterans. Pentagon May Cut Military, Retiree And Vet Benefits

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