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ATTENTION EVERYONE: I need people to write to the USDA and demand better inspection regulations for Triple F Farms.Tell them they need to put in writing the proper way to do an inspection. the proper way is#1 ferrets should not be standing on wire cage floors.
#2 Are they cleaning the cages daily. #3 Do they have a vet on staff 24/7#4 Someone needs to be checking the ferrets for rectal prolapses, gaping wounds, herniated organs and severe eye infections.#5 the ferrets should be physically picked up and examined. Like a vet would do.the females need to be checked for infected mammary glands.Their babies should be picked up and have their anuses examined for protruding organs. #6 Are there less ferrets in the cages, they were overcrowded.#7 someone needs to inspect under the cages for babies that fall through the wire cage floors.#8 Are the concrete floors covered in feces or are they being kept clean to avoid disease.#9 someone needs to check all the X-ing bins in every barn to make sure ferrets are not being left there to die.#10 when the USDA does animal inspection, that is all they should be concerned with. the welfare of the animals. when they go in to do an inspection they should go in with the mindset of a doctor looking to help the sick and the wounded.Address your letter to the USDA C?O Chester Gipson, Deputy Administrator of animal Care. at 4700 River Road, riverdale, MD 20737

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