Update #27 ·

Help Aderonke win a National Diversity Award!

"Aderonke deserves this exemplary award not only for her extraordinary courage as a lesbian Nigerian asylum-seeker, but also because her experiences have led her to stand up for the dignity and justice of thousands other LGBT people in search of safety, security, and happiness."

What will you share as your reason for voting for Aderonke? 

Vote for Aderonke now.

Winning the National Diversity Award for LGBT Positive Role Model can mean so much for her campaign and strengthen her chances of receiving asylum in the UK. We can help protect Aderonke by making her case as high profile as possible. But it will take action from all of us!

Please take a few moments today and vote now if you haven't voted yet. Also, please share widely to make sure your friends and family have voted. Make sure it counts by checking your email and confirming once you vote! Thanks.

Vote for Aderonke now.

Once you vote, let us know by hitting "Discuss the Update" and leaving a comment. In your comment, inspire others by pasting what you listed as your reason for voting for Aderonke.


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