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Oh dear, i broke your leg, here is 5 Pounds to fix it!!

WAG: Welfare for Animals in Goa has been helping a lady called Smetha
for a few years now. Smetha lives in squalid conditions after having sufferred years of abuse. However she still manages to rescue stray animals, and has her beloved dog Shanu, with whom she shares her precious food. Just as things were getting better for Smetha, last month she was knocked down by a drunk driver, who then gave her Rs 500.00 ( about 5 Pounds!) to "fix her leg", and drove away. Wag volunteers rushed to Smethas aid, & she is now back at "home" with her dog Shanu as is seen in this photo with volunteer Reit. We were also surprised to find a healthy cat that Smetha had rescued a year ago from drowning. WAG is visiting Smetha daily with food for her & her animals, and helping with her fractured leg. Please donate towards the stray animals of Goa, and their Guardians who occasionally need help too!!. All details can be found on www.wagoa.com

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Meet Puppy "Patches", who was thrown over the WAG Shelter wall last week, along with her brother Brownie, who had Distemper, a fatal and highly contageous virus. Sadly Brownie had to be euthanised, and Patches might have caught the virus too, although so far, she is very healthy. Patches also fractured her paw due to the fall. Please pray for Patches, and send her your healing energy, as our…

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This male pup was rescued from his "home" by WAG: Welfare for Animals in Goa, volunteers. We found him in a backyard , starving, frightened and full of fleas. He is now with WAG fosterer Claira and her daughters Roshni & Kiran. They have named him Marvin ( Starvin Marvin!) and he now has his own sofa, and most important , Marvin is experiencing Love , Warmth & Safety for the first time in…

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