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God/Source is omnipotent, omnipresent, unlimited, all powerful, abundant and all loving. All that exists seen and unseen is created by Source. We the people, are created in "his" image as an extension of that source to experience this 3d world, feel emotions and remember that we are "I AM that I AM" in action. We have been given the keys to the kingdom and have the power to bring heaven to earth. To do this you must realize that all wanted and unwanted is within you for you are God. From the most beautiful to the most hated, God loves all without exception for his love is unconditional. Man, the forgetter, co-created this illusion by agreement and chooses to put conditions on love which results in fear, lack, self-loathing and strife. "Love your enemies" means to love all your negative self-talk and emotions about every subject, every person for all negativity is kept alive by your perception and continual obsession with controlling another's behavior. Addiction is a symptom of one being separated from spirit, believing in the duality of God and man conjuring the illusion that they are not worthy and then superimposing that on every person, thing and experience. You are the Alpha and Omega, you are the beginning and the end. Your singular purpose is to release God from bondage by loving all that is. Turn to the most loathed thing, starting with yourself in the mirror and say out loud to create that feedback loop to the universe, "Thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I release you." and release God from bondage. Then turn to every person, institution and event and say out loud "You are perfect in the eyes of Source, thank you, forgive me, I love you I release you". Say this hundreds of times a day for 3 days. View all in the world through the eyes of God by seeing the well-being and perfection in all that is. We are the "Christ" we have been waiting for. He is not outside you...he is within. As it is within so it is without. Realize that abundance and happiness are your birthright and that God/Source wants you to receive all that you ask for but first you must see the well-being in the now and feel happy to allow that To save the world, you must first save yourself by recognizing that all your limiting thoughts are created by man, perpetuated by you and then release them at the point of origin by invoking love and peace. I AM that I AM, thank you, I love you I release you to the universe. When mind, body and soul are aligned you are in Cannalibrium. When cannabis is free in the world we will be in Cannalibrium.

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