Estrella Navarro Holm
Estrella Navarro Holm campaign leader

One Third of the Mexican Territory of metallic Mega mining concessions has been given from the Mexican government throughout the Country. The Peninsula of Baja California has not been excluded and the Gulf of California which Jacques Cousteau called the Aquarium of the World is at RISK!. Yes, 33 concessions JUST in Baja (BCS) have been approved! The Gulf of California has 33% of the cetaceans (Dolphins and Whales) of the world, it is the 6th place in the world of Endemic Species (you cannot find them anywhere else), has plenty of species of fish and coral, it is one of the top 10 places in the world to dive! Now this patrimony is in Danger. The mining companies would use Tons of Explosives, release toxic substances as cyanide, arsenic, mercury and radioactive materials to the environment jeopardizing the human and marine life.



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