Allen Greenfield
Allen Greenfield campaign leader

An experimental working was held on accupuncture points:
+Allen used a device based on acupuncture, a slight electric stimulator, on my third eye. He then applied some oil to the area with a crystal wand.
After the working, I had the following experience: I walked around the mountain on a journey. Traveling, I found a staff carved at the foot, a spiderweb nesting in its fork. I walked with the land, speaking to the organisms present. A bluebird landed on a dead tree and the following came to me: we are like the bluebird landing joyously at the end of one life before traveling higher up to the next. I could not mentally follow the bluebird as it flew higher up the mountain to a stand of green bushes. I sat on the rocks momentarily and was instructed not to harm the green growth. I was also not to sit too close to the water. For myself, I know it can be perilous to look into the reflection for too long: you can get stuck. The birds then asked me to retire to a stand of trees, in a shaded area. I sat and meditated. The last message I received was this: tobacco is a good traveling companion when used sparingly.
I returned to the group at Consecration Rock and my journey was ended.
Prior to the working, I was concerned about the electric stimulation on my head, but have had no adverse side affects, either the day of or 24+ hours later.

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