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Tiger,do you remember this term?yes perfectly answered it is our national animal!but it seems that India hates tiger because the number of this animal is depleting,it is an endangered animal and it is on the verge of getting extinct!

Do we really care about our national animal,I don't think so because from last 3 or 4 years processions are taking place,campaigns are taking place and what not!but still there is not a single conclusion arrived!still their number is decreasing!why we are so irresponsible towards our national animal,now we have to be serious and take a step towards increasing the number of those tigers!

Let's prove that India is a responsible nation and alert about the animals! you just have to sign a petition which doesn't requires any charges.please,please,please sign the petition,you will be proud that you contributed your bit in increasing the number of TIGERS!Jai Hind!!!

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