Sagar Pawar
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Girl,whenever we come across this term we always think about a human who revolves her whole life around her family,she separates herself from the whole world and works wholeheartedly for the welfare of her family and doesn't care about what is happening in the world!

But there are some exceptions just like sunita williams,Kiran bedi,saina nehwal,saina mirza,madhuri dixit and many more...

The above people achieved success due to their determination,diligence and staying focused.Their education and self-respect too played an important role in their nurturing in the world.

But today it seems that women are just a commodity,they are being used anyhow ,they are just an object which is being pressurised under the suppressing cruelty of the world.

Now it is the time to prove that women have equal capability just like the men,being a 13 years boy I know that women are as strong as men,through this social networking site I am doing my bit towards women empowerment,giving women a high status in society.lets take this small step which would be a great step of mankind,let's start this cause,please,please,please for god sake help us !every women should get a high status in society,each girl should get mandatory education which should be compulsory!

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