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14 May 2014
Dear Thrivers ,

As a society, we have reached the point of understanding that there are few crimes more heinous than those of a sexual nature. Not only do they strip victims of their value as people and reduce them to objects, these crimes create long-lasting psychological trauma that haunt sufferers for an entire lifetime. Many victims find themselves trapped in a spiral of mental health issues, drug abuse, criminal behavior, and even suicide.

But with that understanding comes a need to help those who have been victimized to find the strength and support to rebuild their lives and psyches, and to help those around them to learn how to offer their time, energy, and themselves. Some of this knowledge comes from understanding the true nature of these crimes, and some comes from understanding that anyone - man, woman, or child - could be someone who has been harmed.

The Restoration Project’s Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers is an educational seminar series which will help victims of sex crimes, their friends, and their family learn about resources that are available to help provide closure, healing, and strength. This seminar series will be led by Katherine Svoi Smythe, herself a victim for 17 years of sexual abuse at the hands of her own mother. Smythe is a veteran, an author, and a success story in her own right.

But we need your help. Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers will require significant funding to be launched and be successful. Please consider a sponsorship of $500.00 more or less to Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers, Inc to support this seminar series. To learn more about Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers, please visit us online at, or on Facebook by searching for “Healing Survivors” on any Facebook page. To support us online, please visit or search for “Healing Survivors.”

All sponsors above $300 will have their names on printed material at the seminars, and those of $500 or more will be recognized in visual aids. Additional recognition and benefits are listed on our GoFundMe page.

Your sponsorship of this important project will help many people find closure and healing, and will be a step in putting an end to sex trafficking and sex crimes in San Antonio and nationwide.

For donors from whom you are requesting $500 or more: We would like to follow up with you personally to discuss this proposal. You may also reach out to us directly at 210-897-8369

Thank you for your support!

Katherine Svoi Smith Stormy Martinez

House of Svoi Inc, Healing Survivors, Creating Thrivers Project
8535 Agora Parkway, Ste 111 Box 275, Selma, Texas 78154

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