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No tolerance for those who use violence to abuse girls and boys and women. I remember what we were told by two of my school friends, about what happened to a very young boy, close to six years old, who was violated and abused by three youg men close to his home. It was horrible to see how this boy became they said. He stopped speaking and refused to go to school. He did not want to show himself, even to his family and stayed in a small and dark room for so many weeks. It took him nearly six month to leave this dark room, with a lot of diseases caused by lack of vitamins, of enough food and daylight which stopped his normal growth.
By the end of the school year my family moved very far from this part of our town. I met my former friends one year later. No one of us asked about this abused boy. In fact it seems to me now that no one wanted to remember, it was very hard to support speaking again about this case. But now as an adult and father I undestand how much and how long his parents have suffered. May be all along their life.

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Under pressure from the Organic Trade Association, representing some of the largest players in the organic and natural food segment, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has once again weakened the standards for organic. Tell the USDA National Organic Program: Save organic standards! Reverse the NOSB's new rule that weakens organic standards. Without any input from the public, the USDA…

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In order for a product to meet the criteria for USDA organic certification, neither the product nor any of its ingredients can be genetically engineered, or genetically modified. Certified organic products and ingredients also can't be irradiated. So why is it that organic regulators allow the process of mutagenesis in organic—even though mutagenesis is a form of genetic modification that…

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