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California committee to vote tomorrow on plastic bag ban!

  1. Tomorrow morning, the bill, SB 270, will be heard before the CA Assembly's Natural Resources committee in Sacramento, it needs to pass this committee vote in order to be voted on by the full Assembly and Senate. 
  2. This bill is a compromise that has the support of Senators and businesses that opposed it last year. It provides grants from a 2 million dollar state recycling fund to help businesses re-engineer their operations so they can produce reusable plastic bags. 
  3. Between today and tomorrow, please call/contact members of the committee and ask their "AYE" vote: http://antr.assembly.ca.gov/membersstaff

If this passes committee vote, we will you to contact your individual members for a general vote.  More to come!

Campaign closed

The United Nations Environment Programme estimates that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic litter floating in every square mile of ocean.[1]  Plastic bags are modern day tumbleweeds that can be seen floating in the sea and across the land. Although the plastics industry is trying to convince consumers that recycling is the best solution to fixing the plastic bag plague on our environment,…

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