Sándor Zöldes Hampel
Sándor Zöldes Hampel campaign leader

Fake people on Facebook . Yes and on Internet, we all know that . I wanna thank for all who help this campagne, this cause . We all want to change something, we feel that we must do it, tihngs must change in this wold, and that is not easy, we must fight together. No one fight here only for his rights, we wish to change this wold in one better, together. And for all what we like to change, we need true, not fake peole, and clear, pure net, where our friends, childs feel safe, that is what i want to tell for you in my campagne. I see here peoples with nice soul, who love this planet, other people, animals, and I do all what I can to help causes. Accept my campagne, my cause to, in this fight, share and sign it, it is a part, my part, I must do something to, I want to change something,Iwish to changesomething, to make this wold better, for us.

Sincerely : - Sandor.

Campaign won!

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