Amy Vreeman
Amy Vreeman campaign leader

​"Orality" refers to reliance upon the spoken, rather than written, word for communication. Purely oral societies pass along everything that matters from one generation to another without putting anything into writing by using spoken word, songs, dance, drama, etc!

A ministry close to my heart that I've worked with since 2007, called the Leadership in Obscurity Network (LION Outreach) has developed a method of training key leaders in oral methods in order to introduce Christianity & teach the Good News in oral cultures. The book that teaches these unique methods to leaders costs just 80 cents to make!

I turn 28 next week. Could we perhaps raise enough to create 280 books? Each represents countless others who will hear the Gospel from the LIOs (leaders in obscurity) who receive it and teach from it.

Please consider joining me in my love and support of the Leadership in Obscurity Network as we come alongside to encourage, educate and empower existing leaders all around the globe.

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