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Justice for Shambo - 269life

A quick update to all those who have signed this petition which has hit over 1,000 signatures within the space of a week, that is some going.

So thank you all. I would like to say, there are clearly some strong supporters of this Campaign who have spread the word far and wide - thank you so much. The next step is this, we need to get a lot more Hindus involved and make them aware of what happened and that we'll never be satisfied for as long as the DEFRA regulate the murder of sentient beings and interfere with matters of FAITH. And so people and communities of faith should be made aware of this inherent institutional Speciesism/racism and so on so please share to the multitude.

If you have not yet witnessed our demands or some of the outcomes we want please read here and share till your hearts contento.

A selection of videos can been seen here - Like us here

Finally, some of the following was written in preparation for this petition but not posted:

Many blogers may be familiar with 269life, an Israelian group who liberated a calf who had been branded by the numbers 269 and was destined to be slaughtered. 269life later synchronised an international group branding session whereby some of those in support of the 269 initiative consented to be branded with the same numbers in solidarity for victims of the animal holocaust. Many people opted for a tattoo instead, but nevertheless, the event evoked wide scale publicity and has helped bring some important questions into the public sphere. Let it continue. 269 was saved - Shambo's name will be honoured. Support the cause. Radical reform for DEFRA is the goal.

Peace unto all - until all are free

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