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Koch Brothers won't debate climate change

During his recent conversation with Bill Maher, Tom Steyer invited the Koch Brothers to debate energy policy with him on “Real Time.”

Through their spokesperson, the Kochs declined Tom’s invite. Apparently, they’re not interested in an open conversation about pesky things like “the facts.” And also, there’s this: 

“We are not experts on climate change,” the Koch spokesperson explained. “The debate should take place among the scientific community.“ 

We wholeheartedly agree that the Kochs lack expertise, but when it comes to the science of climate change, that debate has already come and gone.   

We hate to break it to the Koch brothers, but the scientific community has already reached an unequivocal conclusion: our climate is changing and carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels is primarily responsible.  

It’s not the scientific community that’s holding up meaningful action on climate change, it’s the likes of Koch Industries —  corporations more concerned with feeding their share prices at the expense of our children’s future.  

We’re done debating the science—the facts are clear. It’s time to act on climate. Share this graphic if you want to see the Koch Brothers come out of the shadows.

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