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Stop the Power Grab!

According to a recent survey from the Consumer Reports' National Research Center, seven out of 10 Americans don't want synthetic and non-organic ingredients in certified organic foods.

So what is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program doing under the direction of Miles McEvoy? Catering to the big players in the organic and natural foods industry by changing the process to allow more non-organic materials in organics.

It’s a clear power grab to promote the interests of industry over the rights of consumers. And it’s wrong. That’s why we organized a protest last week—a protest that led to the arrest of our political director.

Are we going to let an arrest stop us? No way. But we need your help to keep this fight alive.

Campaign closed

Under pressure from the Organic Trade Association, representing some of the largest players in the organic and natural food segment, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has once again weakened the standards for organic. Tell the USDA National Organic Program: Save organic standards! Reverse the NOSB's new rule that weakens organic standards. Without any input from the public, the USDA…

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In order for a product to meet the criteria for USDA organic certification, neither the product nor any of its ingredients can be genetically engineered, or genetically modified. Certified organic products and ingredients also can't be irradiated. So why is it that organic regulators allow the process of mutagenesis in organic—even though mutagenesis is a form of genetic modification that…

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