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I have been attending the Wood Green Animal Shelter Pet Service held at the Ely Cathedral for years. Today the 4th of May 2014, Sheldon (Basset) and I attended. The first service I ever went to was with my Basset Sherlock who was in the MOVIE 101 Dalmations back in 1996. Sheldon was very good today. He sat on a chair beside me but with his upper half on me, so he needed 2 chairs. .. lol. He was very good at this service. The Cambridge Rock Choir performed. We had our photo taken with the choir. Many people wanted a photo of Sheldon and wanted to be photographed in a photo with him. Sheldon was a STAR today. We prayed for our family of dogs. We pray that we are going to stay together until death us do part. We pray that the treacherous RSPCA and POLICE who snow balled by the RSPCA with lies do not make us homeless for a criminal act they performed upon us. The performance of raid steal go and sell. They STOLE my family of dogs. We are pining severely for each other. The distress to me and my body as I do have spinal chord damage is not funny. I want justice, I want my dogs returned, I want compensation.

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