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​Pinned down for hours, fighting for our lives

Pinned down for hours, fighting for our lives

In Vietnam, I belonged to a five Marine patrol, which was surrounded and pinned down for hours, fighting for our lives. Another team of Marines fought their way to save us. It is what America's military do for each other...

 That day, I had to have my arse saved twice. Thank God, someone came both times.   In a day of combat, if your arse is not being saved, and you're not saving others' arses, you are not doing your job... http://www.americans-working-together.com/vietnam...

Do you think the Obama administration should have done more to save the four Benghazi victims? FOX News Strategic Analyst Ralph Peters thinks so! Do YOU?

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Spread the Word Can you help us spread the word about the National Desert Storm Memorial? On behalf of all veterans of Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield, we need all the help we can get. If you can share our initiative with others, it will go a long way toward helping us achieve our goals of creating the Memorial and fostering mass awareness of it. So, please tell your friends,…

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These brave and honorable patriots deserve their "Welcome Home" and "Thank You" parade and more... This campaign is at its infancy.  There is no real organized effort yet.  I'm trying to get some organizers started.    The war in Iraq started for America in March 2003 and our troops pulled out in December 2011. The Afghanistan War started in October 2001 and our troops will be gone by December…

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