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​Pinned down for hours, fighting for our lives

Pinned down for hours, fighting for our lives

In Vietnam, I belonged to a five Marine patrol, which was surrounded and pinned down for hours, fighting for our lives. Another team of Marines fought their way to save us. It is what America's military do for each other...

 That day, I had to have my arse saved twice. Thank God, someone came both times.   In a day of combat, if your arse is not being saved, and you're not saving others' arses, you are not doing your job... http://www.americans-working-together.com/vietnam...

Do you think the Obama administration should have done more to save the four Benghazi victims? FOX News Strategic Analyst Ralph Peters thinks so! Do YOU?

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Please SHARE this on and off the internet. Pentagon Proposes Plan to Close Military Commissaries And PXs. Story at:    http://www.military.com/daily-news/2014/01/22/pentagon-proposes-plan-to-gut-commissarys-budget.html?ESRC=marine.nl Please Call and keep Calling your members of Congress and tell them to stop this disgraceful move against American troops, military retirees and disabled…

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Please SHARE this with as many concerned Americans as you can... Pledge to Cut Congressional Benefits Before Cutting Veterans Benefits Besides keeping our freedoms, Americans must protect the rights and benefits of OUR Military and Veterans. Pentagon May Cut Military, Retiree And Vet Benefits     http://www.americans-working-together.com/you_never_forget/id9.html

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