Allen Greenfield
Allen Greenfield campaign leader

Consecration last month. NEXT ARABIA EVENT - C'MON UP!
We'll be meeting on Saturdays this season, meet-up at 3:00 to begin climbing at 4:00. Saturday, May 10 is next.
Points Chauds (hot points) empowerments, healing circle, discussion, consecration as needed. All invited. Come to Consecration Rock. Here are our previous two gatherings so far this year-
As it happens, two free illuminist events are scheduled inadvertently on the same afternoon - at the Little Five Points Community Center this month's Art Ashram and our monthly gathering on Arabia Mountain. Either are worthy events - one admirably enterprising brother is going to try to get to Art Ashram early and do his presentation, and then come on over to Arabia Mountain. Free Illuminism at its best!
ARABIA MT GPS Coordinates
33.672095, -84.117488 (N33 40.326 W84 07.049)
Parking facilities are located at the nature center at 3787 Klondike Road, where we usually meet before hiking up.
If you can't be there, do an event in your own location, and tell your friends about Arabia Mountain. Registering support on Causes also helps!

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