Update #25 ·

We're making news.

Because of our unfaltering strength and noise, our campaign is gathering attention from all over the world.

Two other campaigning organizations have picked up our campaign, and now there are over 175,000 people demanding that the UK Home Office halt all deportations for LGBTI asylum seekers.

Our campaign has even been featured in high level news outlets like The AdvocatePink News, and Politics.co.uk.

Now is our time to keep up the momentum!  

Tell your friends that this a movement they will want to be a part of, and together we will demand justice for Aderonke and all LGBTI asylum seekers in the UK!

*Also, a correction needed for some of the media reports on Aderonke's death sentence: While Aderonke faced abuse, torture, death threats, and extortion in Nigeria for her sexuality, her death sentence was 'officially' issued due to her religion. The UK Home Office has time and time again tried to exploit even the slightest inconsistencies to build a case against LGBT asylum-seekers, so we always must be one step ahead in our commitment to accuracy.

We will not give up until Aderonke is given the protection she deserves.

Thank you, 

Manchester Migrant Solidarity


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